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Custom Hand Painted Quilt Squares

Business History

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In the early 1980's Chester and Linda Truty began doing business as Northwoods Country Crafts, with Chester doing the wood work and Linda painting the tole designs on the wood. The business expanded to include a variety of hand crafts such as grapevine wreaths and baskets, note boards, and folk art carvings.

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Over time Linda began creating her own original painting designs and the business became American Remembrances. With a great love for all things considered “Americana”, as well as being inspired by the folk art greats like Grandma Moses and Charles Wysoki, Linda's finely detailed paintings were filled with quilts, antiques, and folk art.

Now inspired by the beautiful “quilt trails” going up on barns along America's scenic highways, Linda has created a line of hand painted 5”x5”x1/4" indoor decorator quilt squares. The 40+ line of quilt paintings and prints include some of the most beautiful quilt patterns from America's past, as well as original designs created by Linda herself. With the growing popularity of the big barn quilts, came a large demand for smaller outdoor squares that can be placed on garden sheds and fences, as well as garage, and house peaks. 24"x24"x1/2" sizes are now also available for indoor or outdoor decorating.

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In all of Linda's painting, a very time consuming, special technique is used that gives her work the illusion of being three dimensional. Any one of her paintings or prints would be a unique addition to any indoor country decorating collection, or as outdoor garden art. Linda is especially delighted to work with her clients to create their own design, or to work from a treasured family heirloom pattern.

Quilt Square Information


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2' x 2' x 1/2" Exterior Quilt Square Information:
The manufacturer of the exterior plywood used in the making of this quilt square states that this plywood is ideal for exterior use when properly finished. Great care is taken to assure the long life and durability of this work. The plywood is first treated with a wood preservative on front. back and all edges. Two applications are applied to edges. After 2-3 days drying time for the preservative, an oil based primer is painted on both sides and edges. Over the primer is painted 2 coats of 15 year guaranteed exterior house paint. After the color design is painted on, 4 coats of exterior polyurethane varnish (water based to prevent yellowing) is used to finish the work. Quality acrylic paints are used to insure that the colors remain bright and long lasting.

2' x 2' x 1/2 Interior Quilt Square/ Fire Board Information:
Interior quilt squares receive one coat of primer, two coats of house paint. Over the color painted design is 2 coats of water based polyurethane varnish. 1 coat of varnish is painted on the back. Indoor quilt squares/fire boards come with a stand.

Mounting Instructions

Drill small pilot holes in the wood (to prevent wood from cracking). Use galvanized screws to attach to building as galvanized screws will not rust and leave stains on the quilt square. A 1/4” wood piece between the building and the quilt block, used while attaching, will allow an air space for keeping your piece drier and ensuring a longer life. Framing is not recommended, as a frame will hold moisture around the edge, and possibly cause the plywood layers to split.